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The working conditions in the field and in the house are not always ideal:
The weather is quite volatile: In March frequent downpours hinder our work, and the temperatures at night may still drop below
freezing point
As our rooms can only be heated for a few hours in the evening, it is essential to bring a sleeping bag. In May,
temperatures quickly reach 35 
degrees centigrade. Mobile telephones do not work in the place, and internet is also not available.
In the case of heavy rainfalls the roads to 
the next market and the next town may be interrupted.

Electricity is available only for 4-5 hours per day, so work sometimes has to be done by candlelight or by the light of an electric torch.
At least we get to enjoy excellent food. 


Excavation house


A road washed away after heavy rains


Working by candlelight


Typical food