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Our major source of information for the Sapalli-Culture are its burials. More than 1600 graves have been excavated over the course
of the 
last 30 years; however, up to this day only a small portion of them are published.
The burials are single inhumations, with a gender dimorphism visible in the crouched position of the dead: women were buried lying
on their 
left, men on their right side. The grave constructions consist of a vertical shaft of approximately 2 m depth, which gives access
to a round or 
oval grave chamber. The entry hole was blocked with mud bricks after burial, preserving a hollow chamber for a certain
time. Usual grave 
goods are ceramic vessels, jewellery (bronzes, beads) and food offerings (meat and cereals). Very rare are animal
burials, cremation or 
secondary burials. A peculiar form, especially when considering its ubiquity, are pits with grave goods, but without
traces of an inhumation funeral, 
the so-called ‘cenotaphs'.